Watch your brand impact spread online


The new Spread visualisation allows you to see how your mentions are shared across the web. From the first mention, you'll know when people are sharing it - even if they don't use your keywords.

This helps you discover your most effective content, find important people talking about you, and see your overall brand impact on social media and the web.

Check out this short video here to learn more about it.

Save data visualizations to a custom dashboard


The Insights Center allows you to choose any one metric and display it in any style you want. The only downside was you had to create a graph from scratch every time.

Now, once you've created the visualization you want in Insights Center, you can save and add it to any of your custom dashboards to revisit anytime!

To do so, just create your perfect graph in Insights Center, and then click "save" on the top right corner:

Custom Dashboard PDF exports


Want to keep track of your online performance and easily download or export it to show to coworkers or clients?

You can now export your custom dashboards in PDF format:

Gender segmentation


We can now estimate the gender of authors for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook mentions.

You will find a new segmentation in the Insights Center called "Gender". You can also add this to graphs in your Custom Dashboards.

This helps you understand your market demographics better and identify influencers for your brand.

We would love to know how you use this feature to help us for future developments. Please share your feedback to

Auto-tagging from new Alert Settings


Tags allow more efficient and precise monitoring. They let you:

  • Organize: Save mentions to specific folders
  • Filter: Find tagged mentions in your feed
  • Analyze: Create unique graphs based on your tags

And now, you can tag mentions automatically!

To start auto-tagging, go to your alert settings:

More details here:

Monitor your reputation on 70+ new review sites


To help you monitor your brand's reputation better, we've integrated 70+ new review sites, including:

  • General review sites like Yelp, Foursquare
  • Mobile App stores like GooglePlay, iTunes
  • Travel sites like TripAdvisor, Expedia, Agoda
  • and many more...!

You can access the full reviews sites monitoring from Boolean alerts. Contact us if you want to request access.

TV & Radio sources: monitor offline mentions


Starting today, you can monitor what’s said about you and your industry on television and radio in the United States.

To start receiving mentions from offline broadcast sources, choose “radio” and/or “TV” when creating an alert.

Try it now

Custom Dashboards


Want to create your own monitoring dashboards using only the metrics that matter to you?

Custom dashboards let you do exactly that. You can use one of our templates or build your perfect dashboard from scratch.

Just visit the Dashboards section to create your new dashboard:

Create a custom dashboard

Stacked Bar Charts in the Insights Center


A new visualization option is now available in the Insights Center.

Stacked bar charts show you ratios, and are especially useful over time. For instance, if you want to see positive and negative sentiment about our brand, every day for a month:

If you can access the Insights Center, you can start using stacked bar charts now!

Try it now

Competitive Analysis in the Insights Center


Originally, the Insights Center only let you examine one alert at a time.

Not any more.

Now you can compare up to five alerts at once. Check the sentiment, reach, languages, and volume of mentions for all your biggest competitors.

Or compare a handful of your own keywords to see which are more popular on social media.

Try the new and improved Insights Center

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