New boolean operators

From now on, Advanced Alerts for Enterprise plan users are even more accurate thanks to our new Boolean Operators!

Using these new operators, you can adjust your alert even more, making sure that you are monitoring the mentions that matter most to you. For example, you can now filter your mentions by Facebook page likes or by Reach. Visit our Help Center for more information.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Support team via the chatbot in the Mention platform to get to know more about this feature or to get more information on our Enterprise plan.

Happy monitoring!

Twitter Historical Data

We’re excited to announce that effective today, Mention allows users to now monitor Twitter mentions up to two years in the past. We’re confident that Twitter Historical Data will help you gather more insightful information that supports your futureproof marketing strategy.

NOTE: Twitter Historical Data is an add-on feature and only available for Enterprise plan users. The feature is included in the Historical Data module. If you are already using this module, you can get easy access to Twitter Historical Data in the Advanced Alerts creation flow.

If you are interested in using Twitter Historical Data yourself, don’t hesitate to contact your dedicated Account Manager (Enterprise plan only) or the Support team via the chatbot in the Mention platform.

More detailed information on Twitter Historical Data can be found in our Help Center.

Instagram mentions

Have you noticed that around 90% of the "Images" mentions are actually from Instagram? Well, we have!

Hence, we thought it would be helpful to make some changes in the way we categorize the mentions for you, so you can monitor and listen better to social media.

What is changing?

  1. All Instagram mentions are being moved from the "Image" source to a new "Instagram" source.
  2. All the other "Images" mentions are being moved to the "Web" source.
  3. The "Images" source has been removed from the product.

Since it impacts old and new mentions, you will be able to monitor properly the trends for each source of mentions.

What is the impact?

Starting from today, it will take up to 1 week to change the source of the old "Images" mentions for the adequate one.

During this week, you may not be able to find all the previous "Images" mentions when you use the "Instagram" or "Web" filter in the Feed, the Reports or the Insight Center.

After one week, all your mentions will have an adequate source.

  1. If you had an Alert monitoring "Images" and "Web", there will be no impact on the overall volume of mentions.
  2. If you had an Alert monitoring "Images" but not "Web", the overall volume of mentions you will be lower than what it used to be: your Alert will not include the images (old and new) that are not from Instagram anymore.
  3. If you had an Alert monitoring "Web" but not "Images", the overall volume of mentions you will be higher than what it used to be: your Alert will include images (old and new) that are not from Instagram, in addition of other Web mentions.

What about my existing settings?

In a nutshell: the "Images" source has been automatically changed by an "Instagram" source in all parts of the settings.

  1. An Alert which used to monitor the "Images" source is now monitoring the "Instagram" source instead.
  2. A Smart Folder which used to filter "Images" source is now filtering the "Instagram" source instead.
  3. A module in a Report which used to display the "Images" mentions is now displaying "Instagram" mentions instead.

If you wanted to have images like Pinterest or Flickr in these Alert, Smart Folder or Reports, you can add the "Web" source to have them.

Twitter API restriction

Due to new API restriction from Twitter, some monitoring capabilities are going to be impacted:

  • the last 30-day activity of a Twitter account (in the Twitter influencer list)
  • the gender of the audience (in the Insights Center and monitoring reports) Those changes will be implemented on June 19th.

The rest remains unchanged: you still have access to all the other information from the Twitter influencer lists (number of followers, reach, location, interest, influencer score) and the Twitter Performance report (engagement, evolution of the number of followers, language, location, top tweets).

Plan social media the smart way

You want to take the insights you get with Mention to the next level and have yourself heard on social media? ​

Well, we are happy to announce Publish is now available! You can now plan & manage social media posting from Mention, create content based on relevant insights and keep up with your calendar wherever you are.

Happy publishing!

New sources in your feeds!

We're excited to announce new and improved monitoring capabilities with an integration that will support better coverage of the Nordic sources.

From now on, you'll be able to receive all news mentioning your keywords across various Nordic media, including:

  • Aftonbladet
  • Aftenposten
  • Expressen
  • NRK
  • SVT
  • and many more...

Happy monitoring!

Choose tags to display in your reports

If you need to know what subjects are being the most discussed within your mentions, you probably use our tagging feature. If you don't, you should read how to use tags for a more efficient monitoring!

Regarding the reporting, you can create custom charts with the tag segmentation to analyze the trends in your mentions and always know what the hot topics are.

From now on, it is also possible to choose the tags you want to display in a report using the Displayed tags option.

Consider that you monitor a car show and have a tag for each car maker and one for mentions about electric cars. You can compare the share of voice of each car maker by choosing only the associated tags in the Displayed tags. If you want to compare that to the share of voice regarding the articles about electric cars, you can filter the data by selections only the mentions with the tag electric cars in the filters tab.

Create your own influencers lists

You can now create your own lists of influencers. This will allow you to organize and keep an eye on:

  • your brand ambassadors
  • the influencers you want to work with


Read our blog post to learn more about how to use Mention to improve your influencer marketing strategy.

Take Mention with you wherever you go!

Most Mention users check their monitoring data from a web browser - which is great! But have you tried one of our four incredible apps?

block image copy 5@5x.png

Download Mention for iOS, Android, Mac, or Windows, and you'll have access to your precious mentions and analytics no matter what.

We've just given our apps a major upgrade, and we can't wait for you to use them!

Top posts in Social reports

You're now able to know which of your social posts performed the best!

We added the ability to see your top posts by engagement in the Twitter, Instagram and Facebook reports!

Image 2018-04-03 at 9.37.46 AM.png

Let us know what you think ! Feel free to share your feedback at any time.

Happy monitoring!