Mention release notes
Mention release notes

Mention mobile feed : Audience insights (literally) at your fingertips




Are you the kind of person that's always running around with barely a moment to sit behind your computer? Then Mention has got some good news for you. From this moment on, you are able to access your Mention feed on your mobile device.

Just head to your phone's web browser, type in and login with your existing credentials. When the pop-up shows up, select the “Go To Mobile feed” button to allow the new display to take over. You will have access to all your Mentions, be able to apply tags, and you will be updated on new Mentions, on-the-go!

[Publish] - Zoom & Preview content




All plans


Zoom in on your content 🔍 and preview videos 📽 on Publish.

You can now display your content fullscreen 🖥 within the Mention platform and watch your video content posts ✨

You can find additional information in our Help Center.

[Publish] - Approval Workflow








We are very excited to announce you our new brand new feature : the approval workflow !

Enhance collaboration, assign roles to your teammates and add validation steps into your content creation process.

This means you can create your content and send it for review before publication :)

If you are a Pro + or a Company plan, activate it now through the dedicated Publish section or in the Publish section of Settings.

You will find additional information in our Help Center.

Advanced Alerts - Refined advanced querying






We added three new selectors in your advanced queries to refine your queries and eliminate any noise in your Feed for our 3 latest sources: TikTok, Pinterest & YouTube.

Those 3 new selectors are tiktok_followers, pinterest_followers and youtube_subscribers.

You will now be able to filter mentions with the least reach and preserve some quota. For more information on those new selectors, please visit the dedicated page on the Help Center.

TikTok, Pinterest & YouTube are add-on sources to the Mention Company plan. If you want to add these sources to your Company plan, please reach out to your dedicated Account Manager. Would you like to upgrade to a Company plan first? Request a demo here.

[Publish] - Duplicate your posts




All plans


A new feature on Publish is now available : the duplicate action for posts!

This new feature gives you the ability to duplicate scheduled, published or failed posts on Publish.

No more wasted time on recreating posts, just duplicate and reuse content. You can find the duplicate button at the bottom of every scheduled, published or failed post.

More information can be found here in our Help Center.

[Publish] - Meet the Content Library




All plans


Enhance your creation process with the new Content Library.

This brand new feature gives you the ability to import and save images, videos, GIFs & text on Publish.

When creating a post, the library icon will allow you to add previously saved content to the post. You can also select media you added to your post and store it in the Content Library.

This means you can start planning your content from start to finish within Mention !

You will find an onboarding flow for this feature within the Publish section and additional information in our Help Center.

Meet the new Publish




New Mention Calendar

Easily navigate through your calendar and have a quick preview of your posts with Mention's new Publish view. This brand new design will improve your publishing experience, making it a lot more intuitive.

The calendar gives you an instant overview of weekly scheduled posts per social network. You can filter the calendar by social account to better manage your publishing process.

Failed posts can be edited and rescheduled by clicking on them on the top bar of the Publish calendar.

You will find additional information in our Help Center.

Get notified of activity on your most critical alerts




Instant Mentions is now available in Mention to ensure you can react fast to your most critical Alerts. This feature sends you an email notification for any new mention you receive for Alerts that are most important to you.

You’ll be able to receive up to 20 Instant Mentions notifications per day for each alert you define as critical. This email will warn you to get a look at your Mention Feed and decide what action you to take in a speedy manner.

Access to Instant Mentions is only available for Company plans, and can be found in your Notifications Settings. If you are not on a company plan and want to access this feature, visit our pricing page in the Subscription section in your Settings.

For more detailed information, visit our dedicated Help Center page.

More flexibility for your Monitored Pages




Your Monitored Pages tab in your Alert settings is getting a new look.

This improvement will allow you to include more social pages in your alerts and fine tune the content you want to monitor.

You now have the opportunity to exclude retweets from your Twitter Monitored Pages if you want to reduce noise, or only fetch the comments on your Facebook page. You can get creative with your new setup!

For more detailed information on the Pages you can monitor, visit our Help Center

Social Account integration enhancement




We have improved how you connect your social media profiles to Mention.

When connecting a social profile to Mention, you’ll see a new look to our social account integration page, more detailed instructions, and an overall smoother navigation.

You can easily connect your Instagram Business, Facebook Business, LinkedIn Company, or Twitter profiles, and find helpful tips on the authorization or perquisites process for each social network.

For more detailed information on how to connect a social account, visit the Help Center.