Mention release notes
Mention release notes

New Sources





New sources have arrived to Mention! Tik Tok, Pinterest, and YouTube monitoring have been added to our growing list of sources. We hope these new sources will enhance your monitoring needs across some of the web’s most popular platforms!

Please refer to the breakdown of monitoring for these sources below:

TikTok: Mention will match your search query for the description of TikToks and allow you to view the TikTok videos directly in your feed!

Pinterest: Mention will match your search query for the title or description of a pin. You will be able to view the pin with the description in your Mention Feed. We will also fetch URLs from websites that use the pin in their original post.

YouTube: Mention will monitor the titles and description of videos when they match your search query. You will be able to view the videos directly on the Mention Feed!

NOTE: The new sources are an add-on feature to Company Plan users. If you are interested in adding these sources to your monitoring inventory, please reach out to your Account Manager.

More Detailed information can be found on the Help Center.