Mention release notes
Mention release notes

Updated feature names in Mention





Ensuring our features' names are intuitive and reflect their current functionality impacts how you use them. Changes to previous feature names have been made so you can make the most out of your social listening experience.

Below are the previous and new feature names that have been updated. The functionality of each feature has not changed, just the name you will see in Mention.

  • Tags Management is now Tag Settings
  • Smart Folder is now Saved Filter
  • Hot Hashtag is now Trending Hashtag
  • Mention Pulse is now Mention Spike
  • Influencer Lists is now My Influencer Lists

What do all these features do and how can you use them?

Tag Settings: Tags allow you to categorize your mentions, similar to subfolders. In Tag Settings you can edit your automated Tags. Learn more about the benefits of Tag Settings.

Saved Filter: allow you easily save and apply the same filtering choices to an Alert. Learn more about the benefits of Saved Filters.

Trending Hashtag: within the Top Hashtags module, Mention will also display the 🔥 emoji to your Trending Hashtags. These are new hashtags that appear on the social media page you are monitoring with your analytics report. Learn more about how Trending Hashtags work.

Mention Spike: these are your mention notifications, that can be set up by email and SMS. They notify you when there is an important increase or very important increase in an Alert’s activity. Learn more about how to set up Mention Spike.

My Influencer Lists: A ranking of influential profiles are available based on the Alerts you’ve created. You can add influencers directly from the Influencer Table to a My Influencer List.